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Transart Institute 2017: New Scholarships Announced

BY Transart Institute | 28-Mar-2017
Transart Institute: your artwork IS your research. New scholarships announced, deadline April 15!
Image Credits: Honi Ryan. Walking Presence. Lahore, 2016. Photos: Kashif Saleem.
Part of Urbanities: Art in Public Spaces in Pakistan with the Lahore Biennale Foundation and the Goethe Institute Karachi.

New Scholarships Available

Transart Institute is proud to announce the new What ELSE can we do? Scholarship granted to a student for a work or body of work that creates and initiates international positive social change. This scholarship is open to artists, writers or curators with documentation of at least one project outlining and explicating what and how this project/s made a difference; how it celebrates what ELSE artists can do. This scholarship is in support of a new project and its aims. The scholarship award is $1000.00 per year.

Assistantship Awards will be offered based on your application, interest and CV. The award is $1000.00 per year.

Applications are reviewed for Transart Scholarship consideration at the time of submission. Scholarships are awarded as available. The deadline for admission with scholarship consideration for a 2017 start date is April 15.

Transart Institute’s MFA, PhD and Academy

Transart’s low-residency MFA in Creative Practice (http://www.transartadmissions.org/aboutmfa) aims to create a space for students of all disciplines to interact with a wide range of artists, scientists, theorists, media practitioners and visionaries. Whatever genres students choose to work in the program is designed to: enrich students’ praxis; foster change; facilitate a connection between group and personal work; provide the means for contextualizing work in the wider world; and develop interaction strategies with audiences.

The only low-residency PhD for artists (http://www.transartadmissions.org/aboutmfa) is offered for creative work only: your practice is your research. We foster and support research in: international diaspora, post-nationalism and post-colonialism; identity; exile; the role of art in peace and mediation; home; space(s) in between; temporary architecture; foreignness, otherness and the uncanny.

Advanced Artist Summer Academy (http://www.transartadmissions.org/academy/) Guest artists and curators attend the summer academy to get a creative surge, revitalize their practice and community, gain fresh perspectives on their work, experiment in a protected, supportive environment and/or to strike out in new directions.