Top 25 New Media Award Winners

New Media FF | 24-Sep-2018
Every individual irrespective of the profession need some sort of motivation to move forward with the profession. New Media Film Festival understands this and so motivates content creators with the right awards, $45,000.00 in awards. Judges from Marvel, HBO, Emmys to name a few. New Media Film Festival Announces the Top 25 New Media Award Winners.
With a view to honoring the stories that are worth telling, New Media Film Festival is conducted every year.

Jeff Bridges, who was awarded Socially Responsible Conservationist Award said "Thanks to the New Media Film Festival for honoring me with the Socially Responsible Conservationist Award, that's really beautiful, it means a lot to me. And thanks for supporting our film, Living in Futures Past".

Like Jeff, many other creators from different world destinations were honored at the New Media Festival Event. Announcing the Top 25 new Media Award Winners for the right talents under different categories, full listing here:

Grand Prize - #Tagged
Audience - Two Strangers who meet Five Times
3D - Deadline the Magician
AR - Greetings from Columbus Villa
AI - Smartest S**t in the Room
Animation - Anna
Apps - The Me App Digital Comics - Scrimshaw
Documentary - 50/10 Saul Turteltaub
Drone - The Faroe Islands
Feature Length - Living in Futures Past
Mixed Reality - Live VR Corridor
Mobile/Tablet - Vote for Me
Music Video - Bad Karma
New Media - Played
Pilot - Bear Whisperer
Scripts "“Top 3: Rust "“ Gumboots "“ Making Peace. Best Script - Rust
Short - Bruce
SRC- Socially Responsible Content - Your Laughter
STEAM - Drain Rangers
Student - When we are Right
Trailer "“ Alpha Go
Virtual Reality "“ Best VR Doc Big Air with Elliot Sloan, Best VR Narrative "“ The Train Hamasen
Web Series - Om City

All the awardees were highly happy that their work has been honored.

About New Media Film Festival:

New Media Film Festival holds the pride of being the first major festival that celebrates platforms, mediums, stories and innovation, now celebrating its 10th year.

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