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Tom Vincent Toroidal Fields at Anna Pappas Gallery

BY Anna Pappas Gallery | 22-Mar-2013
Anna Pappas Gallery introduces Tom Vincent in his first solo show which explores the 'sacred geometry' concept. Revealing how shape and form are the underlying principles of all manifestation, Toroidal Fields focuses on the torus - a structure that is present in every facet of life, from galactic energies and planetary forces, through to the smallest being and atom present on earth. Key to this investigation is an understanding of platonic solids and the realisation that the humble triangle is at the base of all shapes and the building block in the fabric of our existence.
Venue: Anna Pappas Gallery
Address: 2-4 Carlton Street Prahran Victoria 3181 Australia
Date: Opening Night: Friday 12 April, 6pm - Exhibition: 9 April - 27 April
Web: www.annapappasgallery.com
Tom Vincent, The Seven Cosmos, 2012, acrylic on linen, 152 x 152cm

Hailing from Melbourne, Tom Vincent’s first experiences of the art world were through street art and graffiti. Whilst painting train corridors and laneways as a teen he uncovered the concept of 'sacred geometry', a science that gives a multi-faceted understanding of our reality. Through the study of this science, Vincent was prompted to move his practice into the studio and hence began a detailed investigation of the patterns of this world.