Tom Bass Prize 2020 Finalists' Exhibition

Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School | 23-Feb-2020
Come and see the 52 finalists' entries to the 2020 Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture at the historic Juniper Hall. @tombassprize #tombassprize
Venue: Juniper Hall
Address: 250 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Date: Friday 6 March - Sunday 22 March
Time: Wed - Fri 10am - 3pm, Sat - Sun 10am - 5pm
Ticket: Free entry
Call: 02 9565 4851
Tom Bass Prize 2020 Finalists Exhibition
The 2020 Finalists' Exhibition features 52 artists from across Australia. A showcase of representational, abstract, innovative and contemporary works inspired by the human form.


Sue Appleby (ACT), Michael Armstrong (ACT), Chris Atichian (NSW), Steven Bellosguardo (SA), Stephen Bird (NSW), Wendy Black (NSW), Grace Blake (ACT), Jeremy Blincoe (VIC), Mark Booth (NSW), Helene Boyer (TAS), Amanda Bromfield (NSW), Sophie Clague (NSW), Bree Cribbin (NSW), Karl de Waal (QLD), Kylie Douglass (NSW), Christopher Edwards (TAS), William Eicholtz (VIC), John Forrester Clack (NSW), Todd Fuller (NSW), Karmyn Gibson (NSW), Kate Gorman (VIC), David Helmers (NSW), Sergio Hernandez-Merchan (NSW), Dave Hickson (NSW), Donald Kemarre Thompson (NT), Miroslav Kratky (NSW), Owen Leong (NSW), Vanessa Leung (NSW), Dai Li (QLD), Lucinda McDonald (NSW), Dale Miles (NSW), Georgina Mills (SA), Misklectic (VIC), Jessica Murtagh (SA), Shane Nicholas (VIC), Mehrnoosh Nik Tavakoli (NSW), Sassy Park (NSW), Kirsten Perry (VIC), Carl & Eden Plaisted (NSW), Louis Pratt (NSW), Nuha Saad (NSW), Elif Sezen (VIC), Hiromi Tango (NSW), Sherna Teperson (NSW), Luke Thurgate (SA), Paul Trefry (NSW), Jacques van der Merwe (QLD), Johannes van Nunen (NSW), Carolyn V Watson (QLD), Susan Dorothea White (NSW), Tony Wong Hee (NSW).

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