TIPS FOR ACHIEVING BETTER HEALTH THROUGH ART: World Art Day with Celebrity Pop Erotic Artist Anita Nevar

Geoffrey Sirmai | 12-Apr-2021
April 15th is World Art Day. Throughout history, people have used art to heal and make sense of the world. Brain research shows the arts promote mental health and in today's society where 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally, our contribution to the arts is needed now more than ever.
Anita Nevar by Chrissie Hall
Anita Nevar is a Celebrity Pop Erotic Artist, LGBTIQ ally, and survivor of a doomsday cult.

Her artwork has been featured on the hit TV Big Brother and recently aired on the Art TV Series Colour In Your Life.

After two decades of suffering repression which affected her mental health, she transformed her life and healed herself through art. Now she empowers others to be proud of who they are through creative self-expression.

In honour of World Art Day, here are Anita's top 3 Tips for Achieving Better Mental and Emotional Health Through Art:

— GET CREATIVE: Where words and emotions can be hard to convey, artistic expression can help keep your mind healthy and heart happy. Start an art project to inspire your imagination. Learn to draw or paint, create a collage, or take a pottery class.

— VISIT AN ART GALLERY: Museums and galleries allow us to admire something beautiful, look at the outside world differently, and increase positive emotions. If you are unable to physically attend an art show, you can explore virtual art exhibitions from the comfort of your own home.

— WATCH AN ART FLICK: Settle on the couch with an iconic art movie like Frida, Basquiat, or Exit Through The Gift Shop. Watching films can provide an opportunity for viewers to identify and recognize themselves in a part of the film's narrative or character which may inspire change.

Anita Nevar is a Celebrity Pop Erotic Artist, a Sexual Empowerment & Diversity Expert, and LGBTQ+ ally.

After escaping a doomsday cult, domestic violence, and repression, she transformed her life by becoming a self-taught painter. Now with over 20 years of experience, she is dedicated to empowering others to embrace their kinks so they can be proud of who they are. Resident artist at Sexpo's Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo, Anita's rapturous artworks hang in numerous collections worldwide. They have been featured in notable venues celebrating sex-positive diversity including Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Oz Kink Festival, and in the head office of Lovehoney - The Sexual Happiness People'.

For her expertise, she has appeared on the UK TV series Frisky Business, Art TV Show Colour In Your Life, and her artwork was chosen to furnish the walls of the hit reality TV series Big Brother.

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