Tinpan Orange release their beautifully awkward music video for 'Cities of Gold'

Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 27-Jul-2016
Inspired by the dark humour of Wes Anderson, Tinpan Orange have teamed up with director, Jam Nawaz and Choreographer Simone Page Jones to create a scene that is as awkward as it is beautiful, as dark as it is playful. Premiered by Frankie, the music video for 'Cities Of Gold' is simple but bold, and was shot at Dancehouse studios in Melbourne. #tinpanorange @tinpanorange
Cities of Gold' is a somewhat mournful reflection of dreams not quite coming true. The deflated and unsettled feeling one gets that you may have missed your moment. But it's also hopeful. The inflatable man at the end is there to entertain and confuse you. To reflect the strangeness, the clumsiness, the inelegance, the funniness and the beauty of life.

Following the critical acclaim of their latest album Love is a Dog, Tinpan Orange have wowed fans and critics with a string of sold-out shows around the nation. A Tinpan Orange performance transports their audience to another time and place, and despite their theatricality and Emily's off-the-cuff banter, they are grounded in a deep sense of emotional honesty.

Tinpan Orange will celebrate the launch of their new single 'Cities of Gold' at St Kilda's iconic Memo Music Hall on Saturday 13 August with support from Gabriella Cohen.

'Cities of Gold' single launch at Memo Music Hall

Saturday 13 August
Supported by Gabriella Cohen

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