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BY Higher Plains | 05-Feb-2014
It’s going to be a big year for Tincture’s Luke Dalton. He's back with the follow up single from his forthcoming EP, Tryst, which is set to cement his place in the scene as a force to be reckoned with.

'Similar Circles' represents a progression in his sound, borrowing influence from acts like Shelter Point and The Knife, yet never forsaking his penchant for lush synth and sharp percussion. At it's heart, 'Similar Circles' grapples with the fear of stagnation through routine. Though you can feel a sense of yearning, the track never quite reaches the anxious resolve it strives for - "repeating, repeating, repeating until the same things come back again".

"Slow burning, tinkling, banging, and immersive, Tincture brings the heat with "Similar Circles." Like kissing your first high school crush, he builds up the track while you're still feeling nervous and anxious and then bam, you're surrounded by skittering drums, enveloping bass, and you're tongue deep in someone you've eyed for the longest time." - Yours Truly


Tincture is the moniker of 23 year-old Brisbane musician and producer Luke Dalton. Despite having trained as a classical pianist for most of his childhood, Tincture began dabbling with electronic production in early 2012; turning out a series of smooth-garage inflected remixes and bootlegs that quickly garnered positive responses from both local and international critics. Pegged by many as one to keep an eye on, he has since played in support of names like Purity Ring, Daedelus and Space Dimension Controller, while also receiving national radio airplay and featuring in a mix by XXYYXX.

Using his newfound affinity for live vocals and eclectic mix of instruments, "Similar Circles" is packed full of waves of haunting vocals, begging questions like "Where have I gone?" and "Where have you been?" He has paired these up with awesome synth work straight out of the 80's and skittering, head-bopping percussion. Tincture is ready for everyone to see what he's been working on, and what he is capable of. We are super excited to release "Similar Circles", and to share in the dark bliss that is Tincture's stellar second release.