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Timeless Paradise an exhibition of paintings by Jeremy Holton

BY Jeremy Holton | 19-Jul-2013
Jeremy paints richly in oils creating complex textured canvases with paint dragged in layers. Multiple coats of translucent colour glazes create glowing depth to the paintings. From landscapes to figures the images have a lyrical ambiguity with patches of palimpsest where the process of creation can be glimpsed. Images that will be forever in your mind. Jeremy has spent four years building this collection of his paintings which will be on display at Elements Art Gallery, Dalkeith, Western Australia and on the web.
Venue: Elements Art Gallery
Address: 131A Waratah Ave, Dalkeith, 6009, Western Australia
Date: 25/7/2013
Time: 6.30pm
Ticket: Free
: https://www.facebook.com/artaustralia
EMail: jeremyholton@gmail.com
Call: 61863941592
Invitation to the 'Timeless Paradise' exhibition

Elements Art Gallery proudly presents Timeless Paradise, an exhibition of paintings by popular Perth Hills artist Jeremy Holton. After a successful career in IT, Jeremy studied painting at the Claremont School of Art before establishing his studio and gallery overlooking the treetops in the peaceful bush surroundings of Mount Helena. An active member of the Mundaring artist community, Jeremy has established a strong following through more than twenty years of exhibiting in WA and internationally. His web gallery, Peach Tree Gallery, is the oldest in the world established in 1995! Jeremy spends his time painting and teaching between his Hills studio and his artist retreat guesthouse on the Mekong River in northeast Thailand.

At the guesthouse, Jeremy teaches painting and photography while his Thai wife, Waree, introduces guests to her small village, local markets, Thai/Lao culture and Thai food. Well beyond the tourist track, the guesthouse is not easily accessible and guests are picked up from the airport in Udon Thani over 100km away. As the local Thai/Lao people do not speak English, it is very difficult to visit this part of rural Thailand and experience the extraordinary customs of the people without a guide. The artistic and cultural holiday retreat experience that Jeremy and Waree provide is completely unique.

Further information can be found at http://thailand-painting-holidays.com/ The influence of Jeremy’s relaxed surroundings in both Mount Helena and northern Thai village results in the exuberant colour and expressive vitality of his paintings. Jeremy paints with vibrant colour in oils and oil pastels on canvas and paper. His subject matter includes his popular decorative ‘fat lady’ series, Western Australian landscapes including townscapes, the outback, Swan river scenes, vineyards and flower studies, as well as other works from his imagination. In his teaching, Jeremy incorporates several techniques he uses in his own work.

His most radical approach involves building up colours to create an image and then, in the artist’s words, ‘destroying the work’ by completely covering the paper with ink, which is then scraped back to allow the painting to evolve and reveal the image hidden beneath. Jeremy describes his fascinating creative process as handing over control to the painting: “What matters is not how you do it but how you feel your way into a painting and let the work take over…once I am working I allow the painting to control me. I just feel what the painting is telling me and do it. There is no master plan and no conscious direction.

It’s all about the paint and the canvas and emptying your mind. Its difficult to explain and difficult to teach. You have to let yourself go until you know what to do next without any understanding of why you are doing it.” Jeremy Holton is interested in capturing the beauty of what he sees, experiences and feels. His work often reflects his interest in palimpsest, a term related to a manuscript page being scraped back and used again, and the layering of images to reflect the meaning of a place and object or a person through its lyrical associations. This exhibition at Elements Art Gallery in Dalkeith provides a rare opportunity to acquire work by an established and highly regarded artist in Perth’s western suburbs.