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Three New Exhibitions

BY AirSpace Projects | 08-Apr-2015
A New Feminine? curated by Rafaela Pandolfini, Ciaran Begley's bird of doom and Moments presented by Astute Art Investments International open at AirSpace Projects on Friday 10 April. @AirSpaceP, #airspaceprojects
Venue: Airspace Projects
Address: 10 Junction Street Marrickville 2204
Date: Friday 10 April, 2015
Time: 6.00-8.00pm
Ticket: FREE
Web: http://airspaceprojects.com
: www.facebook.com/airspaceprojects
EMail: sally@airspaceprojects.com
Call: 0438020661
Rafaela Pandolfini, Chux, 2015. Image design Mitch Brown.
A New Feminine? curated by Rafaela Pandolfini features the work of Centre for Style, Christian Thompson, Clare Davies, Dominic Kirkwood, Jemima Wyman, Hana Shimada and Rebecca Scibilia This exhibition takes its lead from the artist Anthony Hegarty and her proposition of the Future Feminine, and examines what a new feminine may look like. The term is used in the sense that it creates new meanings and possibilities beyond the metaphysical and gendered notion of feminine. A New Feminine? is an open question, with responses in various tones and timbres: irritation, intrigue, worn carpet, not at all, photographs, video, totems, gems or shits, a new suite of painting on velvet, a trickle, felt pen and so on. 

Associated Events Saturday 11th April 5.00pm - A film screening of Turning by Antony Hegarty and Charles Atlas (Film starts @ 5.30pm, duration 82 minutes.) Saturday 18th April 3.00pm - A minor history of the feminine. A performance of porcelain and sound by Rafaela Pandolfini In keeping with bird of doom’s ethos of reintroducing both fear and contemplation into the world of flight, Ciaran Begley has produced and reproduced a series of images and noise that meditates on flying in the modern world. Since flying was conceived for humanity, it has inevitably been linked with descent. This association and its function as a metaphor for unchecked ambition endures at a time when flight is not only a possibility but an industry. 

At bird of doom we embrace this concept as enriching the experience of our daily lives both on and off the ground. In this exhibition, Ciaran Begley develops previous themes of commercial aircraft design, flight safety reinterpretation, actual aircraft parts and the wonder of flying. This show of simple paintings of clouds, violence, text and noise is part of an ongoing series of works exploring this theme. Astute Art Investments International (AAII) is a network of Asia-Pacific artists and curators engaging in critical and social dialogue around contemporary art and ideas. Connected via digital platforms online and on mobile, the AAII network share creative processes through text, image, sound and video. 

Exchanges between AAII producers in Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney evolve into local and translocal curatorial interventions: exhibitions, publications, and actions that reach broader audiences. AAII was formed with an idea to challenge the practical and structural barriers that can limit the generation, collaboration and dissemination of art and ideas across different geo-political and cultural contexts. 

Opening Night Action Friday 10 April, 6.30 -7.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Performances and live art will sequentially unfold over Skype and WeChat