Three Artists. Two Days. One BIG Canvas.

Sue Acheson | 16-May-2016
#toomanywords A performance piece with no beginning and no end. The painting of an extremely large canvas by the working and re-working of each others images over two days in public. Three artists, working in unison and harmony, showing the world how Art is created and the sweat and tears that is shed during its creation.
Venue: Clifford Room, West Gippsland Arts Centre
Address: Warragul, West Gippsland, VIC 3820
Date: Friday 20 May and Saturday 21st May 2016
Time: 9am to 5pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 0407 805278
Russell Lilford, Sue Acheson, Bec Vandyk. Photography by Vandyk Images.

Part One

With a theme of 'toomanywords' the three artists will immerse themselves, performing a two dimensional art in three dimensions - in front of an audience. Separated by a rope barrier, guest artist "narrators" will explain the process as it develops. The witnessing of this magical, shared process will encourage viewers to visit more than once, to see how the work has progressed - as an interconnection with the creative process.

The two day performance will be filmed to create a short film for posterity. Using time lapse photography, the artwork will develop at an alarming rate, interspersed with slow close-ups showing technique and concentration. Posted on social media and shown at short film festivals, it will help to inspire and increase the creative input of those who view.

Part Two

When completed, the artwork will be deconstructed into smaller canvasses, enabling the second part of the performance to be undertaken:

At an exhibition venue, the artwork will be hung on display in its created form. At specified times, one or all of the artists will rearrange the sections to create a new configuration - carrying on the working and reworking theme of the original performance. Showing how art, and life, continues, every day the same, yet different. How we have to adjust to what happens in front of us, day by day. How we cannot plan what is going to happen in the future"¦


Too many words are spoken in this world with either no intention of action, or with an alternative meaning. For example, politicians make public announcements with no intent of action.

Multinational organisations quote mission statements but don't carry through in their everyday processes.

The artists want to counteract this by showing action without words to create something positive. The process is meaningful and open, with every action open to criticism and judgement.

By masking their identity in hooded garments, their positive actions speak volumes without personal acclaim.

By collaborating with others, they work together with no ownership, arrogance or personal outcome. Outcome This is intended to be an educational process for non-artists to understand the creation of two dimensional art, which is commonly produced in isolation. Artists locked away in their studios, working on their own until the final polished piece is exhibited. Too see how a painting starts, develops and finishes is a special privilege which we hope will be embraced by artists, art lovers and the general public, showing the magic and mystery of the creative process. The creative energy produced by the experience will help to inspire and encourage both artists and non-artists to explore to the limits of their own creativity - especially those in rural and regional areas. At the same time, the excitement for the artists is the exploration of what can happen when you are not in total control of the outcome. How do the marks and style of the others affect what you do? This is reflection of what happens in real life. Artists Bec Vandyk, Sue Acheson and Russell Lilford all have careers as individual artists in the Baw Baw Shire, just one hour from Melbourne, and this will be their first collaboration together. Each have joined with other artists in previous creative pursuits, both performance and 2d/3d artworks. VENUE: West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria (1 hr from Melbourne CBD) The performance will be held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May 2016, as an event in the Creative Gippsland May Arts Celebration. The venue is the Clifford Room at West Gippsland Arts Centre, who are supporting the project. Entry is Free. Budget Funds raised through the Australian Cultural Fund campaign will be used directly for materials, filming and post editing and exhibition costs. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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