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This Used To Be The Future by Josh LORD

BY D11@Docklands Artist Led Space | 04-Oct-2014
This Used To Be The Future (front & rear galleries). An exhibition of new paintings. Featuring live performances by: Ash Wednesday and Ollie Olsen. OPENING EVENT. SATURDAY 11 OCTOBER. 6-10pm. EXHIBITION - 11 - 24 OCTOBER - WED - SUN 12 - 5PM
Venue: D11@Docklands
Address: Shop 3/427, Docklands Drive, Docklands, Melbourne, 3008
Date: Opening event: Saturday Oct 11 Exhibition 11 - 24 OCTOBER
Time: Opening event: 6-10pm Exhibition: WED - SUN 12 - 5PM
Ticket: It's FREE!!!
Web: http://d11artists.wix.com/d11-ari
: https://www.facebook.com/events/702986526445263/
EMail: d11artists@gmail.com​
This Used To Be The Future (front & rear galleries) An exhibition of new paintings Featuring live performances by: Ash Wednesday Ollie Olsen OPENING EVENT SATURDAY 11 OCTOBER 6-10pm EXHIBITION 11 - 24 OCTOBER WED - SUN 12 - 5PM Josh Lord’s upcoming exhibition, ‘This used to be the future’’ featuring over 50 new works, asks: ‘When did today become our future?’ Within these series of works, Lord investigates what space travel could mean in our ‘brave’ new 21st-century world, where materialism is the driving force and a digital dark age has descended upon us. Today, we have this expectation that we can just press the ‘delete’ button when things go wrong and everything will be miraculously the same again. Religion, government and industry have become as one – and they all know what’s ‘best’ for us. Millions of voices across the planet have been silenced. ‘Goodwill’ has become yet another public display of false nobility that echoes a global moral decline. 

In “This used to be the future”, Lord questions, when was it that we stopped listening to our own history; to our grandparents, whose fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and friends fought and died for their vision of utopia? When did we cease to care? If we have the capacity for space travel, are we destined – or doomed – to repeat our empire-building past? Will we be modern-day conquistadors, conquering and destroying, colonising and usurping alien lands, bringing our diseases and our warped sense of morality? About us D11@Docklands (part of the Renew Docklands initiative) is an artist-led exhibition space that features curated exhibitions that support an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art practice. We offer a space where artists are encouraged to create and exhibit works of art outside their traditional media, to actively pursue collaborations and to extend their practice. 

The gallery, coordinated by The Second Collective features exhibitions that are usually curated on a two-weekly basis. Shows involve groups, invited collaborations and solo exhibitions and performances supported by an opening event usually Saturdays 5-8pm. Contact Us P: Michael Carolan 0401298026 A: Shop 3/427, Docklands Drive, Docklands, Melbourne, 3008 E: d11artists@gmail.com​ W: http://d11artists.wix.com/d11-ari