This Place of Ours: Collection

Caboolture Regional Art Gallery | 21-Jun-2016
This exhibition brings together a selection of works from the Moreton Bay Regional Council Art Collection. These works explore our region's culture, identity and spirit and offers insight into who we are as a community.
Venue: Caboolture Regional Art Gallery
Address: 4 Hasking Street, Caboolture
Date: Wednesday 20 July - Saturday 20 August 2016
Time: Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 4.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Ticket: FREE
Call: 07 54333710
Quelhurst, Betty, The Pier (Woody Point), 1957, oil on canvas, 54.5cm x 80cm. Moreton Bay Regional Council Art Collection.

This Place of Ours: Collection

This Place of Ours exhibition aims to help patrons understand the collection themes in the Moreton Bay Regional Council art collection policy; culture, identity, spirit and sense of place.

The exhibition will feature significant artists who are well-represented in the Moreton Bay Regional Council art collection such as Betty Quelhurst and Michael Cook. It will also include works by lesser known artists who have engaged directly with our area such as Jarvis Hubert who painted Gordon's Crossing, Pine Rivers in the 1950's and these works will be displayed alongside works by other well-known artists such as Margaret Olley, Kathleen and Leonard Shillam and William Robinson.

Another aim of the exhibition is to provide an historical overview of the collection by including the earliest drawings created in the 1870's by James William Laing, Redhall, Caboolture 1 & 2, that were bequeathed to council and showing them with some of the more recently acquired works such as a series of photographs taken by Lindy Wissler in 2012 of Fegan's Folly.

The titles of the works alone, Marching to school, Humpybong Holiday, Beached Boats, The Anglers, Changing rooms and Waiting for Rain, will begin to paint a picture in the imagination and give clues about the content of the works.

The works in the MBRC art collection are acquired and then carefully looked after by council in perpetuity. Through these works and their provenance future generations will be able to understand what we think is interesting and important. For example, local indigenous artist, Ron Hurley (1946-2002) showed how he felt in 1998 in his painting Tar Nubba (Belonging to the Earth). Hurley's work is a poignant reminder that if we don't take care of the land it will be to our peril.

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