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THIS IS SIBERIAN HUSKY in 'And To Uncle Ted, The Lion Tamer, I Bequeath My Hand Towels'

BY This Is Siberian Husky | 27-May-2015
After a year of festival shows in the US and Canada, rambunctious and utterly dashing comic duo This Is Siberian Husky return home with a brand new sack of silly business for your ocular pleasure. A sketch comedy voyage through far-flung lands, discotheques and salad bars. This Is Siberian Husky serve up a rich, sticky broth of oddly scented characters, music and twisted satire for wide-eyed seekers of the gleefully absurd. Visit - https://www.thebutterflyclub.com/show/this-is-siberian-husky
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: Carson Pl, Melbourne CBD
Date: 9th - 13th June, 2015
Time: 8pm Tues/Weds, 9pm Thurs/Fri/Sat
Ticket: $27 Full, $22 Conc, $22 Group (8 or more
Buy / Ticket: http://sa2.seatadvisor.com/sabo/servlets/TicketRequest?eventId=100797573&presenter=AUTBCT&venue=&event=&version=
Web: http://www.thisissiberianhusky.com
: https://www.facebook.com/thisissiberianhusky
EMail: info@thebutterflyclub.com
Call: (03) 9663 8107
THIS IS SIBERIAN HUSKY in 'And To Uncle Ted, The Lion Tamer, I Bequeath My Hand Towels'
Photo Credit: Ash Koek
After a year of sell-out* shows throughout the US and Canada, rear-ended by a failed business venture domesticating macaws for the workplace†, 2012 Moosehead Award recipients, comic duo This Is Siberian Husky return to Melbourne with a brand new sack of very silly business for your ocular pleasure.

Noted for their subversive approach and energetic live demeanour, This is Siberian Husky began their performative assault on dimly lit stages percariously balanced upon milk crates early in the 21st century and have been serving up smatterings of the ridiculous to those with a hunger for the comedically warped ever since.

In addition to performing for the past five years in comedy venues both at home and abroad, This Is Siberian Husky have regularly produced shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festivals. Their 2012 MICF show, Boneshaker, directed by Scott Brennan was granted the Brian McCarthy Moosehead Award and was named by the Herald Sun amongst the top five highly recommended shows to see at that year's festival. Their last joint show, The Misery Factory played at the Montreal Fringe Festival and won the Fringe Weekly Award for best comedy at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

AND TO UNCLE TED, THE LION TAMER, I BEQUETH MY HAND TOWELS at its heart is a sketch show infused with music, surrealist interludes, interwoven character pieces and rapidly paced satirical scenarios to rattle and cajole all in view. The show is an invitation to experience the sense of absurd frivolity that This Is Siberian Husky celebrates.

AND TO UNCLE TED, THE LION TAMER, I BEQUETH MY HAND TOWELS shall be on at the Butterfly Club after its debut Melbourne International Comedy Festival season for 5 nights only beginning June 9th.

Sketch meets radical new romanticism‡ minus the pirate shirts and travel cumbersome synths in their latest comic odyssey for lovers of the odd, sweaty and unhinged.

*Two sell outs, achieved by trickery and accounting anomalies.

† It was the financial capital that fell short, not the macaws. Never doubt the untapped potential of the macaw.

‡ There will be absolutely no new romantic stylings present in this show, and if there were, they'd hardly be considered radical given that the movement rightly peaked and died whilst preening itself in the early '80s. (Then again, should the mood on the night presents itself, who would say no to a revival? A skinny tie is already in possession and then there's the This Is Siberian Husky emblazoned, neonlight fitted stage gondola that never gets used...so as such, the duo is good to go).

‘Sketch comedy with a manic edge.’ Australian Stage

‘The amount of talent on stage will leave you gasping for breath’ - The Herald Sun

‘Sublime’ - The Adelaide Advertiser