Craft | 30-Apr-2018
Six leading Australian furniture designer makers proclaim the importance of authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship in the exhibition This is not Memphis at Craft, 28 April "“ 26 May 2018.
Venue: Craft
Address: Watson Place, off Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Date: 3-May-18
Time: 6-8pm
Ticket: free
Call: 03 9650 7775
Standing their ground against today's culture of consumption and waste, Adam Markowitz, Bern Chandley, Bryan Cush, Damien Wright, Daniel Poole, and Laura McCusker are dedicated to their craft, creating objects of beauty and function underpinned by profound material knowledge.

"Our work is about an authenticity that can be tested by the metrics of skill, discipline, time, process, ingenuity, virtuosity and beauty. It demands a connection between the head, the heart, the hand, and the land" the artists state. "We believe that intellectual and physical quality matter equally. Making and designing are one. This is our vision of what it means to design and make in this country right now".

Craft's Curator Chloë Powell says "We have an intimate relationship with furniture; it supports us, carries our weight, brings us together. Much of what is produced nowadays is made to be discarded when the next trend hits. The work of these artists is the antithesis of that; they honour the power of the lived object, and have a deep respect for the role it plays in our lives over time".

Motivated by environmental and philosophical concerns, these artists work with purpose and intention.

"I have made a conscious decision whenever possible, to produce using local materials for the local market, working with local practitioners" explains Hobart-based Laura McCusker. "Working in this way is about taking time to do things well, do them responsibly, and do them in a way that ensures longevity."

Established in 1970, Craft supports and promotes makers and designers across disciplines. This is not Memphis makes an important statement on the value of making and the handmade in our culture.

This is not Memphis will show at Craft from 28 April "“ 26 May 2018.

Opening: Thursday 3 May, 6 - 8pm.
The exhibition will be opened by writer and broadcaster Jeff Sparrow.

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