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There is no there there - Sydney Craft Week: Artist Talk and Tea

BY Bridget Kennedy | 04-Oct-2017
There is no there there. Co-ordinated by Zara Collins – 4/10/17 – 21/10/17. Opening drinks Wednesday 4th October 6-8pm. Artist Talk and Tea - Saturday 14 October 11.30-1pm. Join the artists for morning tea and an artist talk, on the There is no there there art exhibition at Studio 20/17 Project Space.
Place can refer to a special geographical place, where you were born or where your ancestors are from or a location where formative years were spent. Belonging to a ‘place’ and a sense of authentic human attachment is a universal human trait. It can refer to a home, studio or a space that nurtures creativity: fostering experiments, successes and failures. Or ‘place’ can allude to your status in society and the hierarchy of circumstance.

In this small group exhibition three Sydney based artists come together to explore the ‘notion of place’. Artists Graeme Bannerman, Matina Bourmas and Zara Collins will create work which reflects personal interpretations of ‘place’ within their individual art practices.

The ‘There is no there there’ exhibition features delicate enamel jewellery, miniature figurative sculptures, ceramic pendants and contoured clay forms.