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Theatresports® Cranston Cup 2012 Grand Final

BY Geoff Sirmai | 26-Oct-2012
The fresh young bloods of impro comedy are set to challenge the champions of the ‘old guard’ when the Theatresports Cranston Cup reaches its hilarious climax this year. The wittiest, quickest comic minds in the business go nose to nose and toes to toes when at the Enmore Theatre this November 24. But this year the lead-up has featured the best of the new generation as well as former champions. Will the old dogs have new tricks?
Venue: Enmore Theatre
Date: Sat 24 Nov
Time: 8pm
Ticket: Tickets $55 / $48 conc (A Reserve), $45/$38 conc (B Reserve)
Buy / Ticket: www.ticketek.com.au
Web: www.cranstoncup.com.au
Call: 9550 3666
Cranston Cup - John and Birdie

The Theatresports Cranston Cup GRAND FINAL is the annual comedy competition that’s been packing the Enmore since 1985.

Every year, Sydney’s best and funniest impro comedians play off against rival teams to win the coveted Cranston Cup.

Veterans, hot young stars (including the winners of the high schools’ competition) and the funniest ‘Theatresports Fresh’ rookies are currently battling through weekly rounds and tough semi-finals at two venues – The Factory Theatre (Sunday nights) and the Roxbury Hotel (Thursday nights). Using sheer brilliance, meteoric wit and ad-lib genius, they’re up to their necks in the 'FA Cup of comedy'.

And their ultimate stage is the Cranston Cup Grand Final at the Enmore Theatre on Nov 24!

Funnier and more exciting than “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and “Thank God You’re Here!” combined, Theatresports is live, competitive comedy at its most thrilling.

The wildly popular cult comedy show helped launch the careers of Julia Zemiro, Andrew Denton, Jay Laga'aia, Andrew O’Keefe, Rob Carlton, Adam Spencer and plenty more.

Cheer your favourite team! Boo the judges! Shout out suggestions from the audience! And stand up and go wild when a team gets a perfect score for an implausibly brilliant and hilarious scene!

Hosted by Sydney's most celebrated new improviser and comedian Susie Youssef.

Theatresports Cranston Cup 2012 Grand Final

Sat 24 Nov 8pm Enmore Theatre
Tickets $55 / $48 conc (A Reserve), $45/$38 conc (B Reserve)
Family passes $156/$128
Bookings www.ticketek.com.au or call 9550 3666
For team news, celebrity judges and more
visit www.cranstoncup.com.au or www.improaustralia.com.au