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The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI celebrates the 70th anniversary of the International Theatre Institute on the occasion of the VIII METHODIKA festival

BY World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | 02-Nov-2018
The 70th anniversary of the International Theatre Institute comes to an end in November with the central celebration on Hainan Island in China. The worldwide Theatre Network was assembled in 1948 by UNESCO to demonstrate a gesture of peace and mutual respect between different cultures.
Venue: AKT-ZENT Studio
Address: Skalitzer Straße 97, Berlin
Date: 1/12/2018
Time: 11:00-14:00
Web: www.theatreculture.org
: https://www.facebook.com/theatreculture.org/
EMail: pr@theatreculture.org
The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI wishes to show its gratitude towards all the theatre professionals who have continuously been involved in this visionary project. Throughout 2018, various events have taken place worldwide to celebrate the ITI’s 70-year existence which are shown on the ITI-World map: https://www.iti-worldwide.org/celebrations.html

As part of the theatre world, Germany should not be missing from these celebrations. The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT – Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute invites artists on Saturday 1st December in its studio in Berlin Kreuzberg to celebrate the ideas and concepts of a “Holistic Theatre”, where every theatre artist may consider him/herself a particle of the Theatre in its entirety.

Dr Jurij Alschitz will speak about this new concept of all-encompassing Theatre, a vision which has emerged from many years of travelling around the world and manifests itself in a new educational programme. Under the name of ALthattheatre, the programme launches next year.

The celebration of ITI’s 70th anniversary is also the closing event of the VIII METHODIKA, the International Festival for Theatre Training Methods, which will take place from 27.11 to 2.12.2018 in the studio of the Institute.


The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI invites all interested persons:

Saturday 1st December 2018 from 11:00 - 14:00
Skalitzer Straße 97, 10997 Berlin
Lecture Dr. Jurij Alschitz: “The Path to a Holistic Theatre”

Christine Schmalor: Reflections on research travels for the ITI project World Theatre Training Library/Laboratory
Team of Teachers: exchange of experiences with participants of METHODIKA about transcultural Training
Guest speakers about ITI worldwide

For further information and interview enquiries, please contact the Institute at 030 612 87 274 or pr@theatreculture.org, Christine Schmalor, festival director