The world's most Googled artists revealed

Gareth Evans | 7-Apr-2021
Worldwide, Leonardo Da Vinci and Frida Kahlo were the most Googled artists winning in 82 and 29 countries respectively.
The world's most Googled artists revealed
Map of the world's most Googled artists. Ken Bromley Art Supplies
With the vast majority of museums and cultural venues closed during 2020 (and still in 2021), the world turned to the internet more than ever to find out about artists of the world.

With that in mind, the British based company Ken Bromley Art Supplies carried out an investigation to find out the most Googled artist in every country during the past year.

Leonardo da Vinci was revealed as the number one overall (winning in 82 countries), and Frida Kahlo (in 29 countries) . They are followed by Vincent Van Gogh (in 24 countries), Artemisa Gentileschi (in 23), Pablo Picasso (in 18 countries), Banksy (in 14 countries) and Diego Velázquez (in two countries).

British artist Banksy, known for his striking graffiti paintings, ranks first in European countries such as Russia, France, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. Banksy grabbed headlines for donating a ship to rescue migrants as well as also unveiling several new works during 2020. The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo comes out top in countries including Turkey, Greece, Finland, Denmark. Kahlo also wins in continental America countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico and the USA.

It was interesting to discover that in addition to Kahlo, another female artist, Artemisia Gentileschi, took the first place in 23 different countries. Gentileschi is known for being the first woman painter to attend the Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence, where women painters were not yet fully accepted in the 17th century. People have speculated online that one reason for Gentileschi's popularity on Google in 2020 was due to a Google Doodle being created in June to celebrate what would have been her 427th birthday. She also had a number of exhibitions which had to be postponed, cancelled and moved online during 2020.

Countries for which there was insufficient data for analysis were shown in gray on the maps.

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