The Wonder and Magic of the Kaleidoscope Vision stimulates a creative summer art competition

Kathryn Coller | 9-Nov-2019
Remember being mesmerised by the everchanging vision as you peeped through the tiny hole of a kaleidoscope. It created magic and you controlled the everchanging images. Beauty, simplicity and wonder, all in one.
Venue: Redcliffe Art Society Old Fire Station Gallery and Community Hub
Address: 395 Oxley Avenue Redcliffe QLD 4020
Date: Official Opening Saturday 14 December 2019
Time: 2pm
Ticket: Free
: art society
Call: 732840852
The Wonder and Magic of the Kaleidoscope Vision stimulates a creative summer art competition
Photo by Kathryn Coller. Photo of Robert [member of Redcliffe Art Society] creating a kaleidoscope of colour for the upcoming summer exhibition
This summer, the Redcliffe Art Society [RAS] is holding it's annual members' exhibition. Currently, members are busily [and calmly] creating what the word KALEIDOSCOPE stimulates in their artistic style. Visitors may see landscapes of local sandy beaches and azure blue waters, the rich red cliffs of Scarborough, the local birdlife, sunrises, sunsets, still life, or vibrant abstract in the showcase of RAS talent.

Summertime evokes images of lazy happy days where time is slower. It may also represent summer treats such as ice-creams and milk shakes from the local corner store. There may be surfboards above the waves while marine life swim beneath. Gelati colours may transform an everyday scene into a mesmerising abstract artwork.

As with all members' exhibitions, there are prizes, and visitors are encouraged to pick their favourite work from the kaleidoscope of creativity in The Peoples' Choice.

The exhibition lasts for 4 weeks.

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