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The Voices of Joan of Arc - Next Wave Festival 2016

BY Piper Huynh | 19-Apr-2016
"Janie Gibson has established herself as powerful and orginal performance maker." RealTime Arts
Venue: Northcote Town Hall
Address: 189 High St, Northcote
Date: 3 May
Time: 9pm
Ticket: $23 Conc | $28 Full
Buy / Ticket: http://2016.nextwave.org.au/#event=302
Web: http://2016.nextwave.org.au/#event=302
: https://www.facebook.com/events/583983561770469/
EMail: media.voicesofjoan@gmail.com
Call: 0402 704 693
Photo by Daniel Han
At age 17, Joan of Arc led the French army to victory commanded by her voices from God. By age 19 she was condemned a heretic and burnt at the stake. She was a soaring supernova whose light shone too brightly for the world she lived in. Joan’s story is one of resistance, speaking to the tragedy of silenced women’s voices across the ages.

It’s time for her to take up space.

In this intimate performance, actor and theatre-maker Janie Gibson delves into the past to channel the voices of Joan of Arc. Weaving together song, story, text and music, Gibson gives voice to Joan’s own words as captured in the detailed transcript of her trial for heresy.

Together with electric violinist and vocalist Xani Kolac (The Twoks), and actor and theatre-maker, Daniel Han, we enter a musical world of wild lamentation, devotional hymns and original compositions. Women’s voices meet in transcendent harmonies that pierce the night air, underscored by violin and echoing bells, and driven by the pounding drums of war. From the courtroom, to her prison cell, to the battlefields of France…

Out of the fire, we hear Joan speak.

Dates: 3-14 May

Times: Preview 3 May 9pm | Tue-Sat 9pm | Fri 13 May 3pm & 9pm | Sat 7 May 3:15pm & 9pm | Sun 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: $28 | $23 | Preview $18
Warnings: Contains nudity, violent imagery and a replica weapon
Access: Wheelchair Accessible | Tacticle Tour 13 May 2:15pm | Live Audio Description 13 May 3pm


Lead Artist & Actor: Janie Gibson
Musician & Composer: Xani Kolac
Actor & Devisor: Daniel Han
Producer: Piper Huynh
Lighting Design: Rob Sowinski & Bryn Cullen
Costume Design: Jacinta Anderson
Dramaturg: Amelia Evans
Poetess and Text Consultant: Raven Moon Eyelander
Access Consultant: Belinda Locke
Live Audio Description: Rachel Edward

Press Contact: Piper Huynh, Producer, 0402 704 693 / media.voicesofjoan@gmail.com

NEXT WAVE FESTIVAL 2016: http://2016.nextwave.org.au/#event=302