The Very Stupid Man

Published by: Jenny Reddin | 27-Sep-2019
The Very Stupid Man is an exhibition of paintings by Jenny Reddin. The works are reminiscent of fragments, scraps and fossils of very early life at a time when the earth was pristine. There is an inverse correlation between the expansion of human intelligence, developments in technology, improvements in the standard of living, and the degradation of the earth. Prehistoric man was stupid because he only knew enough to survive. Time will tell whether modern man is clever enough to reverse the damage that our prosperity has caused. The current signs do not support this theory. Reddin exhibits and is held in art collections internationally. The Very Stupid Man story has been published in the USA.
Venue: Tacit Galleries
Address: 123A Gipps Street Collingwood, Vic
Date: 16th Oct - 10th Nov Opening 16th Oct
Time: 6.30 - 8pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 408336790
Once upon a time there was a very stupid man.

"Using a paint pouring technique Reddin has perfected over many years, she has created images that are at once epic and dare I say prehistoric.  Her control over poured paint on canvas has given her an ability to bring her intellectual rigour to the works.  Who could stand in front of this body of work without marvelling at the evocation of our ancient environment currently fragmented at its edges struggling for its very survival. The images, just like the environment, cannot be ignored.

That said, Jenny has managed to give us hope for the future.  Large areas of white empty space surround the images letting us know that there is room for improvement.  It's not too late.  The environment could move safely into that space if we take the steps necessary for its survival." Jeannette Davidson, Formerly Arts Manager Monsalvat  

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