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The Unveiling of a New Sculpture, "Still Life with Fruit" & Vegie growing talk.

BY Bulleen Art & Garden | 01-Sep-2014
Homegrown food and art both feature prominently at Bulleen Art & Garden. See what can happen when they collide. There will be the unveiling of a large new sculpture celebrating home grown food by Sigmund Jorgensen, artist talk & tour and an inspirational talk on fruit & veggies by Angelo Eliades
Venue: Bulleen Art & Garden
Address: 6 Manningham Rd West, Bulleen
Date: 18 September 2014
Time: 5.30-7030pm
Ticket: free
Buy / Ticket: gallery@baag.com.au
Web: www.gallery.baag.com.au
: https://www.facebook.com/events/upcoming
EMail: gallery@baag.com.au
Call: 88503030
Canestra di frutta Caravaggio Wikimedia
"Still Life with Fruit" by Lachlan Plain Thursday 18th September 5.30 -7.30pm The sculpture, Still Life with Fruit by Lachlan Plain, www.lachlanplain.com is a painterly rendition of the food gardener’s fruit bowl. At ten times the fruit’s original size this fibre glass sculpture will tower over the entrance of Bulleen Art & Garden, testament to BAAG’s commitment to food gardening. 

The sculpture will be unveiled by Sigmund Jorgensen of Montsalvat http://www.montsalvat.com.au/WhatsOn/BOOKLAUNCH-SigmundJorgensen.aspx, and there will be a short artist talk by Lachlan Plain After being inspired to grow your own produce get some practical advice on how to get started on your own food forest with a talk about fruit trees and vegetable gardens with Angelo Eliades. Guided walk to explore the artworks across the site. 

 Refreshments RSVP essential - gallery@baag.com.au or 88503030 Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden 6 Manningham Rd West, Bulleen. 9850 5155 www.gallery.baag.com.au