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The Ultimate Seat-of-the-Pants Comedy

BY Sirmai Arts Marketing | 20-Nov-2013
Australia’s annual end-of-year impro comedy climax is here! Theatresports’ night of nights – The Cranston Cup Grand Final – is Sat 30 Nov with Australia’s most exciting new talent mixing it with champions and legends. Comedy sketches played upside-down and inside-out, mind-bending backwards scenes with physical restrictions, tongue-twisting word challenges and impromptu operas and are just the beginning of the fun and games.
Venue: Enmore Theatre
Date: Sat 30 November
Time: 8pm
Ticket: from $28 to $65, family passes from $98 to $178
Buy / Ticket: www.ticketek.com.au
Jim Fishwick

Anything is possible when these brilliant minds are unleashed in a mash up of styles and themes: a pop song in the style of Thor, Thor in the style of a reality TV show, Gangsta Rappers helping mum with the washing, Tony Abbott's rise as a ballet, Rudd's demise as a Shakespearean tragedy, the Carbon Tax debate as Play School, and all of it made up on the spot and based on insane suggestions from the audience.

Like a comedy FA Cup, the Cranston Cup starts with the best new teams from university leagues, rising stars of Sydney's bourgeoning impro-comedy scene and the most awesome champion 'pro' players and comics – legends all - from around Australia - all competing through heats and semi-finals to reach the big one.

Now the best four are left: "Yay! It's Pat Magee and Friends", "Middle Rage" "Bridie of Frankensteen" and "Hans and Otto" will battle it out for the biggest ugliest trophy in the known world! With MC Jim "Noble Lord" Fishwick.

The night opens with the best two rookie teams from the "Fresh Cranston" competition, The Browntown Three and Kavalier. These rookies have ad-libbed their way through a month of preliminary finals, jumping off comedy cliffs in the hope that they can fly, and now they finally have a shot at the Junior Cup.

Then they make way for the big guns. The best of the best from two months of gruelling comedy heats challenge each other to do even more amazing comic scenes to win the hearts and minds of a huge, totally wired, audience. And the judges.

It's come down to the final four to see who takes the 2014 honours!

Cheer your favourite team Shout out suggestions from the audience! Stand up and go wild when a team gets a perfect score for an implausibly brilliant and hilarious scene!


Sat 30 Nov 8pm Enmore Theatre
Tickets from $28 to $65, family passes from $98 to $178
Bookings www.ticketek.com.au or call 9550 3666
For team news, celebrity judges and more visit www.cranstoncup.com.au