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BY Show off Services | 26-Jul-2013
The Who, The Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin all did it - changed their band name… The Toot Toot Toots have been on the verge of changing their name for the past 12 months and have now decided to make the move before releasing new music in the coming weeks. 'The Toot Toot Toots' are now 'Twin Beasts'.

Twin Beasts recently recorded their follow up album with ARIA nominated producer Burke Reid. Stay tuned for single, album and tour announcements shortly.

Band statement:

Hello everybody!

We are changing our name. The Toot Toot Toots are no longer The Toot Toot Toots. We are now Twin Beasts. Same members, same band, new name. You might be asking why we're doing this. Pretty much, after we completed the new album we were discussing future release and tour plans. We found out that the word 'Toot' was being lost in translation. In a number of counties the word was widely being interpreted as 'fart'. It was actually the first thing people thought of when they heard the word 'toot'. Despite this being pretty funny, we decided that it would be best for us to move on with a new name. It's not a decision that we made quickly or flippantly, but it's a decision that we're going to stick with, so if you see the name 'Twin Beasts' around town, that's us. Everything else is business as usual.