The Thespian Theatre Company presents The Invisible Sword

The Thespian Theatre Company | 26-Mar-2021
"We are made good, we are made to love and sometimes at night, we dream..."
Venue: Richmond Theatrette
Address: 2/415 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121
Date: May 28-30th
Time: 7pm-10:30pm & 2pm-4:30pm
Ticket: $30
Buy / Ticket:
The Thespian Theatre Company presents
Old, seeded memories mixed with shackle-binding traditions have become rooted in our daily beliefs. We have become very clever at masking our indifferences, but have we ever truly accepted them?

The Invisible Sword is an age-old love story, but the question to be asked is - does love truly conquer all?

Inspired by Clark Baini and adapted and written by Cèline Khoury, Paul Caccamo and Glen Kalem. Directed by Glen Kalem.

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