The Talk by Mish Grigor

PBP | 18-Jun-2018
Darebin Arts Speakeasy presents THE TALK by Mish Grigor. The Talk is a terribly undomesticated evening. It's one account of what happens when you start talking about sex with your family: what the talk' is, and what it shouldn't be.
Mish Grigor's The Talk
In Mish Grigor's participatory theatre work, The Talk, the taboos of sex, relationships and family dynamics are laid bare: it's explicit and unapologetic, yet also tender and personal in its investigation into uncharted territory.

The work is an account of what happens when you start talking about sex with your family - what the talk' is and what it shouldn't be.

Based on real-life interviews undertaken with her family about their sex lives, Mish performs the work solo' and is supported by volunteers from the audience who read the transcripts from her family members.

"I tell them that my family asked me to change their names to protect their identity (I haven't). I tell them that my family asked me to take out some of the more intimate details of the interviews (I haven't). I tell them that my family finally requested that I send them a final draft of the script for their approval before performing it in front of anybody (I haven't). I then ask them to raise a glass of lukewarm overpriced champagne and say cheers' to my family, and to all the things I haven't done for them. Then, we read," says Grigor.

Together they enact the family's sex stories, her own sex stories and conversations about their sexuality. It's like a rowdy family dinner: the interviews are woven together, interrupt each other, stories left unfinished as a new, funnier or more interesting topic comes up.

Nominated for a Green Room Award for Best Contemporary Performance in 2016, The Talk has toured both nationally and internationally to Forest Fringe (Edinburgh), Buzzcut Festival (Glasgow), Battersea Arts Centre (London), Brisbane Festival and Liveworks Festival (Sydney).

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