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The Tales of Witchmen: A Puntastic Pilgrimage to the Jokes Galore Mega-Store

BY Eidann Glover | 12-Mar-2018
In a Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut, comes The Tales of Witchmen. Join John the Knight and Squire the Squire on a queer old quest to rescue the loverly King-daughter from the evil Witchypoo! Along the way meet a bunch of kooky characters such as... Cabbage Girl, Owen-Megan the Vegan, and Barry Darren from Far Kew.
In a bizarre combination of Monty Python, Mel Brooks, and the Umbilical Brothers, we bring you The Tales of Witchmen; halfway between bad eczema and a bad exorcism, this hilariously half-baked theatrical adventure features original music and a whole heap of gags sure to have Aunt Sybille in stitches! WARNING: Please don’t bring the children to this one, it has naughty words and swears.

The Tales of Witchmen stars two puntacular pundits, Oliver Cowen and Kayla Hamill, who come skidding in on their Razor scooters and roll slowly, safely, lovingly, into your heart. Promising high energy, great comedic timing and a metric tonne of pizazz, they weave a tale of adventure, romance, and courage, as well as an overwhelming sense of dread about the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Two actual sea sponges cleverly disguised and costumed, Oliver and Kayla are making their Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut. Oliver mostly resides in his mother’s basement rewriting all the Goosebumps books as radio plays, while Kayla recently starred in David Williamson’s newest play Credentials which launched at La Mama as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. (Let’s just say, this is all a bit of a step down for Kayla.)