The Scrunch Test

Alaine Beek | 26-Nov-2021
‘A black comedy with heart’. A Christmas play full of festive joy and the exploration of real family issues. Written by Alaine Beek. Directed by Kevin Hopkins.
Venue: Wyndham Cultural Centre
Address: 177 Watton St, Werribee VIC 3030
Date: 22 November 7:30pm, 23 November 2pm and 7:30pm
Time: 22 November 7:30pm, 23 November 2pm and 7:30pm
Ticket: $35 Full, $25 Concession, Youth/student (15-25 years), Groups 4+
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 0439690091
The Scrunch Test
The Scrunch Test
Based on the true story of the writer’s Scottish parents who emigrated to Australia, this award-winning play, The Scrunch Test, digs deep into both the joys of Christmas and the challenges of facing difficult family issues.

Set in the present, it is a typical hot Australian Christmas day. The Scottish born McPhersons are back together for Janice's favourite day of the year and as usual, David's got a drink in his hand. There are high expectations for this day, but as is common with family Christmases, things never quite go to plan. Michael, their son has not seen his parents for months and today he has brought with him, his partner, Troy.

The Scrunch Test is a black comedy exploring the polarising norms of life as a Baby Boomer versus those of Generation Y and what it means to accept the truth about the ones you love. It addresses real issues of alcoholism and the challenges of coming out as gay to one’s own family. Clashing personalities and lack of communication make this play hilarious, revealing, and poignant.

Directed by Kevin Hopkins (Australian Shakespeare Company) and performed by Alaine Beek, Ross Daniels (Melbourne Green Room award winner), Will McDonald, and Andrew Dang (recently in Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s King Lear). The play explores the real experiences of challenges that families face during the festive period.

“It’s all about Christmas which I have a deep connection with as a magical time of the year instilled through my Scottish upbringing. I wanted to share that. My father was an alcoholic. He was a ‘merchant mariner’ First Officer in the Merchant Navy and had great pride and loved his family. My memories of him as a child was that he was my hero. He put so much of his energy and time into us as children. But looking back I think when he was on the path to becoming a heavy drinker, we judged him too harshly. The challenge in this play is to show with all his flaws, he was essentially a family man. It’s a very human engaging story and we hope audiences will walk out with a sense of joy and hope that if we communicate honestly, we’ll get through anything. But ultimately this is a Christmas play. It’s about the magic of Christmas which is revealed right at the end of the play.”, explains Writer Alaine Beek.

“We have worked so hard on this new play over 3 years. It’s original, it’s real, it’s locally written and produced and we’d love to share what we’ve created to as many people as we can. Just come and see us.”

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