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The Royce Twins release a surprise song and video for Valentine’s Day

BY Peter Bowman | 13-Feb-2015
Gabriel and Michael Saalfield - The Royce Twins today release a surprise single and video for Valentine’s Day. The single is called “Heartstrings Unplugged” and takes a live and acoustic recording of the song “Heartstrings” that was released on their self titled Debut EP last year. @Theroycetwins @Roycetwins #theroycetwins

Like all the tracks, ‘Heartstrings Unplugged’ features what are now recognised as The Royce Twins trademark harmonies by their followers.

The Royce Twins Debut EP features five tracks. Four of the recordings are original compositions by The Royce Twins with the additional track being delivered by fan request, a cover of ‘I won’t give up’ by Jason Mraz and Michael Natter. The Twins released their heartfelt version of ‘I won’t give up’ last year that caught them some attention within the AIR independent music charts.

“This has been a breakthrough year for us and it’s been great we’ve been able to get out and about to meet and celebrate the launch with the fans,” said Gabriel. “We love performing live” said Michael.

Gabriel admits that he started writing ‘Heartstrings’ as a make-up song after getting in trouble from his girlfriend at the time and at the time never dreamed the song would ever be recorded. After working with Michael to work on the guitar parts, harmonies and lyrics, the song developed.

The Royce Twins caught themselves some attention on The X Factor after singing “I won’t give up”. Much to their surprise and delight the YouTube video of that performance has now has more than 5.6 million views and the Twins have supporters to their website and social media from over 90 countries.

The original music by The Royce Twins is set to inspire and delight. The Royce Twins sing about the universal themes of love and courage. Lyrically interesting and meaningful, all tracks are easy to listen to and will have listeners singing along in no time.

The Royce Twins from Victoria’s high country – Mount Beauty - are still country boys at heart. Humble with great harmonies.

Heartstrings Unplugged is available online only through iTunes, Google Play & Amazon.

The Royce Twins Debut EP is available online through iTunes, Google Play & Amazon and as a CD through Waterfront Records/MGM.


Gabriel and Michael Saalfield are The Royce Twins. Gabriel is the older of the two, by just 6 minutes. The Twins have been performing and singing together for as long as both can remember. Gabriel plays the drums, acoustic guitar and saxophone. Michael plays acoustic and electric guitars and likes to dabble on the keyboard. Both sing. Both song write.

The Twins ended up in foster care at age 8, after the passing of their parents. They recognise the effect that music has had on their lives, particularly at that time. During their school years, the Twins played at most school events and music in their own words ‘kept them strong’.

At University, the Twins began live performances at hotels and clubs. In 2013, the Twins entered X Factor Australia and performed a cover of “I won’t give up” that has now had over 5.5 million YouTube views.

Following that experience, The Royce Twins decided to set up their website and crowd fund their Debut EP through Australian crowd funding website, Pozible. The Twins reached their target in January 2014 and began recording in March 2014.

The Royce Twins - Debut EP delivers five slices of their unique sound, showcasing four brand new songs written and performed by the Twins: “Heartstrings”, “Brave”, “Fly” and “Suzie Royce”. The additional EP track was a studio recorded version of “I won’t give up”. The EP is available on iTunes and GooglePlay, and the CD through Waterfront Records.

The Twins released their heartfelt version of “I won’t give up” in 2014 that caught them some attention within the AIR independent music charts and an unplugged version “Heartstrings” is set to be released for Valentine’s Day 2015.

The Twins are presently in the process of writing their debut album which they hope to release this year.

The music by The Royce Twins features what are now recognised by their followers as Royce trademark harmonies. Adult contemporary, pop and a dash of country makes their sounds easy to listen to.

The Royce Twins remain country boys are heart, humble with great harmonies.