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The Royce Twins look to make it Pozible with your help

BY Peter Bowman | 12-Dec-2013
Twin brothers Michael and Gabriel Saalfield – The Royce Twins – caught the attention of Australia after appearing on the highly popular talent search show, the X Factor. Viewers waited with anticipation to see if the brothers could sing and deliver after sharing a highly personal story about losing both of their parents at a young age.

Certainly, The Royce Twins did not disappoint.

Standing strong together, as they always have, they delivered a stellar performance of 'I won't give up' by American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. This was the first time many in Australia had heard the song. So for them, it was like seeing an original performance.

This attention has helped the brothers make the decision to turn to Pozible, an Australian owned crowd funding platform to realise their musical ambitions. Crowd funding has become a popular way for artists to fund recordings. Earlier this year, Australian Band Eskimo Joe used crowd funding to raise funds for a new recording.


Crowd Funding also provides The Royce Twins with a way to connect with their fans and say thank you for pledging to their fund raising efforts. Depending on how much is pledged, backers can be sent an autographed copy of their Debut EP once it is released next year, access some band merchandise or meet The Royce Twins in person.

"With the help of crowd funding, we can properly launch our musical careers" said Gabriel. "Although we've achieved a lot in setting up our social media, website and playing live gigs around Victoria, we've really got a long way to go to raise the funds to record. This is a life changing project for us. Like really life changing. We can't describe it any other way."

Despite not making it to the final round of the TV show, the brothers have gained lots of attention here and overseas. Their X Factor audition video has been watched by more than 2 million people and their website (www.theroycetwins.com.au) since its launch in September, has had visitors from 89 countries.

Alan Crabbe Founder and Director of Pozible is delighted to have The Royce Twins on Pozible. "Like many X Factor viewers, we were disappointed to see The Royce Twins disappear from our TV screens. We were really pleased when The Royce Twins project appeared. Pozible was developed to help people raise funds, realise their aspirations we hope the crowd will get behind them to help The Royce Twins reach their goal" said Alan.