Published by: Danae Effern | 11-Oct-2016
The first artist announcement for The Pleasure Garden was a pretty tasty main. The second announcement is like the dessert you couldn't possibly fit in; it all looks so good, you'll just treat yourself anyway. @TPGfest
Venue: Catani Gardens
Address: St Kilda Foreshore, Melbourne, Victoria
Date: Saturday 10th December
The first artist announcement for The Pleasure Garden was a pretty tasty main. The second announcement is like the dessert you couldn't possibly fit in; it all looks so good, you'll just treat yourself anyway.

Joining the likes of The Cat Empire, Dub FX and Tash Sultana are Blue King Brown, Dub Pistols Sound System, OKA, The Chicken Brothers, JPS (Jerry Poon / The Operatives), Mortisville and Friends and Beatrice.

The Pleasure Garden is shaping up to be an experience that will set all of your senses on fire with not just the incredible lineup of music, but art installations, roving performers, carnival rides, gourmet food and boutique drinks.

It sounds like some kind of wonderland don't it?


Hailed by Santana as "The voice of the street and the band of the future!" ARIA nominated Blue King Brown are Australia's premier live urban roots powerhouse. Their cross generational groove and socially conscious sound is led by the multi-talented, relentless energy of Nattali Rize. Powerful vocal & lyrical delivery's meet a dancehall, roots, rock & afro groove mash-up built on an irrepressible percussive foundation.


The UK's dub/bass legend Barry Ashworth graces us with his presence, brining the Dub Pistols Soundsystem show to Australia for the first time. He'll be joined by MC Seanie Tee for what is certain to be a very special show encompassing a sound-clash of ska and punk, dub and hip-hop all combined to make big beats, big breaks, big bass and a big smile. A fearless soldier working behind the frontlines of the UK's thriving Dance scene, it's always an awesome party with Barry and the Dub Pistols.


Embracing the future without losing sight of the past, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country to create their signature feel good Australian earth sound, an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music. A mashup of dance & downtempo electro beats marinated in the mystic spiritual traditions of the Dreamtime.


The Chicken Brothers are more than your average musical experience"”these two DJ/Producers are more animated than the entire Disney Pixar back catalogue! Serving up the best mechanically recovered beats in a free range-remix sauce, with a healthy dollop of turntable trickery and organic interactions, the feathered brethren have developed a gastronomic following with an all-you-can- eat offer on food related puns.

JPS (Jerry Poon / The Operatives)

JPS aka Jerry Poon is known to most as the head honcho of The Operatives, which over the past 5 years have had an unparalleled commitment to bringing out ground breaking experimental beats artists to Australia and New Zealand. The vast diversity of genres the agency supports is reflected in his sets - From hip hop, funk, soul, future beats, Salsa, Samba, to DnB, dancehall and Reggae to name a few.


Responsible for bringing Electro Swing to Melbourne, Mortisville has graced stages at Shine On, Rainbow, and countless other locations. Embracing a genre that is constantly evolving Mortisville has recently begun performing rip roaring live sets with a host of Musicians including Cab Calloway and an 8-foot titan.


Beatrice is an artist that carries you deep into the textured soundscapes of her cinematic bass music. A vocalist, multi- instrumentalist and electronic producer from Melbourne, she has an artistic bipolarity and sophistication that weaves itself through every beat, bar and polyrhythm. Her music's deep and dark nature offers a hope and wisdom that immediately strikes a chord with audiences.


The Cat Empire
The Opiuo Band
Blue King Brown
Tash Sultana
Dub Pistols Sound System
The Correspondents
Dub FX
Mista Savona
The Chicken Brothers
JPS (Jerry Poon / The Operatives)
Steve Ward
Mortisville and Friends
Kodiak Kid
With more to be announced

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