The New Year: AC kicks off 2018 with five new exhibitions

Published by: Kate Wallace | 30-Jan-2018
Alternating Current Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of its 2018 program with five new exhibitions. Commencing on 2 February at 6pm, on show will be work by Edward Ounapuu, Tania Matilda, Angela Robinson, Youjia Lu and Tim Coleman. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street, Windsor 3181
Date: Exhibition Dates: 2- 24 February. Opening Night: 2 February 6-8pm
Time: Opening Hours: Thursday & Friday 12-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm.
Ticket: Free.
Call: 03 9525 2459"‹
Beginning in Gallery One, Edward Ounapuu explores the nature of concealment in Lead the Shoes on the Food. Via a series of painted compositions rich in colour and form. Ounapuu's process of covering and revealing dictates what is seen and that which is not. For Ounapuu, these works are questions that need to be solved,' their collaged quality mirroring the haphazard process of developing conclusion in aspects of everyday life.'

In Gallery Two, Tania Matilda investigates the presence of mass media in Alternative Facts. In an age informed by the internet, we are forever privy to a constant stream of imagery and new information - leading to a world where truth and fiction are often confused. Through simplifying and fragmenting forms, Matilda presents her own interpretation of film and images viewed, compressing large amounts of information into paintings that address this confusion.

Emerging from a 2016 artist residency in Spain, Tania Robinson explores the region's unique geological traits in Mapping Land. As artist in residence at Can Serrat, El Bruc in Catalonia, the Mountain of Montserrat was of particular interest for Robinson. 'The linear character of the mountain' echoed in paintings that recall the trace-like patterns of the surrounding landscape. Taking place in Gallery Three, the works emerge from a process driven by experience and site specificity.

Face with a Hole-Mouth by Youjia Lu describes the uncertainty of self through film. Lu experiments with superimposition in video editing' in order to evoke an indeterminate condition of the self as it shifts between multi-dimensional layers in video imagery.' In Gallery Four, Face with a Hole-Mouth is a layered and reflective response to the complexities of identity.

Finally, Tim Coleman presents People We Walk Past in The Cupboard. Coleman looks to convey the shifting and varied nature of how we individually experience space through painting. Drawing from found photographs and those personally shot, the artist looks to visually construct fleeting memories' that people can empathise with. In so doing, Coleman captures the multifaceted nature of perspective as born through our shared experience of the everyday.

All exhibitions will be open until 24 February 2018.

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