The Naked Ambassadors

Published by: Christos Linou | 22-Jan-2020
This work explores the duality of the naked and the nude. It questions perceptions of masculinity as a way to examine each other's body image and identity behind its garmented veil
Venue: Temperance hall
Address: 199 Napier Street, South Melbourne
Date: 5 - 9 February
Time: 6.30pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 0423 542 442
The concept references humanity continuously at a crossroad and suspended at in-between states of provocation and change, from the historical, the current and the foreseeable.

It queries the 1533 painting by Hans Holbein titled The Ambassadors,' where the painting denounces morality, religion, reason and ethics for advancement of philosophy, science and technology. The choreography is shaped for film to combine Holbein's painting, which superimposes the performers in and out of the image to link the historical with the contemporary.

Two men remove their clothing and come together in an-interplay of trust and support, to explore the naked body, identity and gender. The duality of nude male is explored when the men cross-dress into each other's clothing in an attempt to understand the other's intimacy and desires, leading to an image of masculine abstraction. The work acts as a metaphor for humanities continuous search for identity and reason. Regardless of what ideologies or technological breakthroughs advance human intelligence, we are constantly naked and in the dark.

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