The Most Amazing Planet in the Universe - An Astronomer's Ode to Earth

Published by: Dr Phil Dooley | 2-Jan-2019
We've discovered thousands of weird planets, but Dr Phil says Earth is still the most amazing. It's shrouded in corrosive gas, oxygen. Water falls from the sky in liquid and even solid form (rocks fall from the sky?). And there are bizarre green organisms: logically, plants should be purple. Let musician and physicist Dr Phil take you on an awe-inspiring trip that will surprise and astound you.
We like to think we are special and we live on the only planet. But astronomers have recently discovered thousands of weird and wonderful planets orbiting other stars - there may be billions more.

But Earth is still the most amazing planet - the reasons why will surprise you.

If an alien were to visit, they would be astounded. Earth is shrouded in a corrosive and unstable gas, oxygen. Water regularly falls from the sky in liquid and even solid form (rocks falling from the sky?!).

And there are bizarre organisms covering the land that are green: logically, plants should be purple!

Dr Phil's songs and stories will take you on a trip around the cosmos and reveal the surprising things that make our world special.

An uplifting show that will thrill you, entertain you and wow you.

Dr Phil is a physicist, entertainer, pianist and singer. He's performed shows in Science shows and festivals around the world including Glasgow, Sydney, and London. By day he's a science writer for Cosmos Magazine, New Scientist, Australian Geographic and more, and was selected for the 2018 Anthology of Best Australian Science Writing.

Catch him in Canberra at Smiths Alternative, Melbourne at the Butterfly Club and Adelaide in the Fringe.

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