The Mist That Follows Rain | Solo Exhibition | Graham Marchant

Published by: Artsite Contemporary | 29-Sep-2022
“On my morning walks and through observing the neighbouring gardens from my studio, I became enthralled with how the mist that followed the rain enveloped everything, blanketing the landscape, and dissolving space. The opaque skies concealed and at times revealed a transformed view of the exiting terrain.”
Venue: Artsite Contemporary
Address: 165-167 Salisbury Road
Date: 08 October 2022 - 30 October 2022
Time: Thursday - Sunday | 11am - 5pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 0280959678
The Mist That Follows Rain is a marked turning point in Graham Marchant’s work since relocating from Balmain in the Inner West to Leura in the Blue Mountains in 2021. Along with the dramatic change in landscape, Graham noticed the vast difference in climactic conditions and the effect they had on the immediate environment - the backdrop for inspiration.

“The studio still lives, and my drawings are a continuation of my preoccupation with detail and playing with the juxtaposition of flora, decorative material, quilts and calligraphy. And my fixation with poppies and orchids remains a subject matter that allows me to explore the changing nuances of light, transparency and texture.”

The Mist That Follows Rain is a solo exhibition by Graham Marchant, showing at Artsite Galleries from 08 October until 30 October 2022.

Exhibition Opening Event
Sunday 9 October, 3pm - 5pm

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