The Melbourne International Youth Film Festival announces its inaugural program!

Published by: MIYFF | 20-May-2019
The 1st Melbourne International Youth Film Festival is proud to announce its inaugural program! Spanning two nights from from the 31st of May to the 1st of June, MIYFF will be presenting 25 of the best short films made by both international and Australian filmmakers under the age of 25. MIYFF's inaugural program features short films sourced from 16 countries worldwide and includes 17 Australian premieres and two World premieres. The MIYFF program also features 6 amazing shorts made by Australian filmmakers based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
The Melbourne International Youth Film Festival (MIYFF) is thrilled to announce its first ever program. In its first edition, MIYFF aims to showcase the best short films by the filmmakers of tomorrow. MIYFF will be presenting an amazing mix of 25 short films from all over world over two exciting days in May and June.

With three sessions over two days, MIYFF will be presenting 25 short films from both international and Australian filmmakers under the age of 25. MIYFF's inaugural program features short films sourced from 16 countries worldwide and includes 17 Australian premieres and two World premieres. The MIYFF program also features 6 amazing shorts made by Australian filmmakers based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Opening Night

MIYFF is delighted to announce that the official opening night program will showcase eight Australian and one World premiere of an exciting range of new short films from around the globe. Highlights of MIYFF's opening night include the Australian premiere of Marianne Marsac experimental short Milligrams, which explores the nightmarish world of medically induced hallucinations; Louis Norris' Scene from the Men's Toilets at a Ceilidh, which follows Rory and Dan, a young queer couple whose relationship is tested when it's found out that Dan's family is unaware of their son's sexuality; Cannibal Cat, MIYFF is delighted to announce the World premiere of 11 year old director Andrew Martin's first animated short film, which follows the true story of a street cat that is forced to flee after its family is killed.

Other short films screening on MIYFF opening night include;

o Sincerely Anthony - Max Shoham's emotive animation follows a young man as he comes to terms with his best friend's suicide.

o Random Space Trivia (La Trivia Espacial Aleatori) - José Andrés Aguayo's quirky animation follows Pablo, who spends his time remembering old achievements from the age of aerospace. However, his routine gets interrupted by a TV personality, who invites him to participate in a TV show.

o Bottle (Pliashka) - Yegor Bondarenko's quirky animation follows a sentient glass bottle, that has to manoeuvre through a harrowing journey.

o Sweet Like Sugar - Chin Yun Ru's beautiful documentary explores the trend 'sugar dating' in Singapore.

o Cyclove (چرخ"Ø¹Ø´Ù‚) - Seyed Emad Karimifard's devastating animation follows a heartbroken man struggling to find his way back to reality.

o Blacky and Faulty (Црни и Криви) - Marko Dzambazoski's quirky comedy follows two wannabee robbers, who attempt to hold up the local store.

Australian Shorts

MIYFF is delighted to announce a session dedicated to young MIYFF is delighted to announce a session dedicated to young Australian filmmakers which will feature six of the best Australian short films of 2018/19. Highlights of the Australian shorts program includes a screening of brilliant upcoming Western Australian director Radheya Jegatheva's latest film iRony, an animated "film-poem" that explores the relationship between people and technology, told from the perspective of a phone; the Victorian premiere of Brendan Schoenmaker's short film exploring themes of mental illness, Bradley Bickleman & The Perfect House follows Bradley Bickleman, who lives in what he thinks is a 'perfect life' in his 'perfect house', Bradley's perfect life quickly descends as he is threatened by the arrival of a stranger.

The other Australian shorts screening during the session include;

o 184 Cups of Tea - Lauren Hunter's thoughtful animation follows a young girl trying to navigate her way through an important life decision.

o Grave Expectations - Andy Burkitt's dark comedy follows a grave robber who robs a grave of a not so dead person.

o Limbo - Gwendolyn Lin's emotive short film follows Li, a girl caught between two cultures trying to find a sense of belonging.

o Dirty Sing - Andrew Mill's outrageous comedy follows a couple who come up with an inventive way to spice up their sex lives.

Closing Night

MIYFF will be closing out proceeding with another huge night of short films and celebrations. The final night of the festival will host the Australian premiere of nine international short films and one World premiere. With an absolutely stacked line up of amazing short films, highlights of the night include the Australian premiere of Tribe (Tribu), a raucous dark comedy that follows a group of business women that struggle with their own prejudices; The Australian premiere of Elle Ralph's My Dad is Orange, a beautiful short documentary exploring synaesthesia, a neuro-cognitive phenomenon where one or more senses are blended together; Anthony Coveney's quirky Screw the Boys (Fuck les Gars), which follows a girl who after suffering her first heartbreak, decides to declare war on all sixth grade boys in her school; and MIYFF is delighted to host the World premiere of Anastasiia Falileieva's short film Until it Turns Black (Поки не стане чорним), which follows a young girl who after beginning to lose her sight, uses photography a way of documenting the world as she once saw.

The other short films screening on MIYFF's closing night include;

o Saturn in Leo (Saurn U Lavu) - Anna Å agadin's stunning short animation explores themes of monotony and meaning.

o Count Your Curses (À Chacun sa Malédiction) - Lorène Yavo's fun animation follows two roommates looking to find a supernatural spirit to protect their house.

o Through - Wang Daotian's intense short film follows a young man who becomes infatuated with his neighbour, but his unsure if his feeling are being reciprocated.

o Refugee (Penaber) - Ramazan Kiliç's devastating short film follows a mother and daughter who seek refuge from their lives with the use of a 3D slide viewer.

o The Last Day of Summer (暑假最後一天) - Directed by Tzu-Chan Chou, Hsin-Hsuan Yeh and Tzu-Ying Chen, this playful animated short follows a group of children who decide to finish their holidays with a big celebration.

o Magic Play - Natasha Cánepa's playful comedy follows a young wizard-in-training who befriends a young witch who is not so predictable with her magic.

The closing night will also host the inaugural MIYFF awards ceremony, which includes prizes for Best Short Film, Best Australian Short Film and Best Animated Short Film.


The Melbourne International Youth Film Festival (MIYFF) is a brand-new film festival, presenting the work of the youth of today. Our festival is made by young people, for young people with our entire team, all current students studying The Festival Experience unit at RMIT University. Our festival aims to connect young filmmakers to the wider filmmaking world.

Facilitated by Cerise Howard, co-founder of the Czech and Slovak Film Festival and Melbourne's Trans and Gender-Diverse Film Festival, the class of The Festival Experience has gone above and beyond the call of action to create a festival that may very well be a mainstay in Melbourne's festival circuit. MIYFF is the only festival of its kind in Melbourne, offering exposure opportunities solely to young filmmakers.


31 May - Opening Night
The Backlot Studios
65 Haig St, Southbank VIC 3006

1 June (Afternoon) - Australian Shorts
RMIT Cinema - Building 80

1 June (Evening) - Closing Night / Awards Celebration
RMIT Cinema - Building 80

Online program available at
Tickets available at

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