The Marvelous Scent Of Silence In Art And Aesthetics

Published by: Lunar Art Center | 24-Aug-2019
In every piece of artwork, in every breath, in every movement, there's a hidden though tangibly observable element that makes the beauty or in a broader term the aesthetic conspicuousness sticks out and that's silence.
During his workshop on "Aesthetics and Perception" in Lunart Center Seyed Vahid Olyaee the Iranian lecturer elaborates on the irreplaceable role of silence in making the feeling, emotion, message and vision be perceived, understood, contemplated and absorbed.

"Just imagine how contradictory our definition of silence is comparing to our feelings and perception. We know silence as not expressing our emotions, not talking about our ideas or thoughts, not telling our stories and be quiet instead. But that's completely the opposite of its action in our daily life and art. Silence is what makes the rhythm flow and soar deep into our cells, our minds, our thoughts and our hearts. It is silence that in a miraculously beautiful way makes every bit of our message passed on and understood" said Olyaee.

He concluded if we divide the notion of our universe into movement and silence, the portion of silence in transfer of feeling or message is higher than its counterpart, movement.

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