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The Madwoman with The Mannequin

BY Laura Hernandez | 06-May-2019
The Madwoman with the mannequin (La loca del maniqui) is a monologue written in 2000 by Mexican playwright Xavier Araiza as a response to violence against women.
The Madwoman with The Mannequin
The monologue has been performed in various festivals in Mexico. In 2012 Teatro del Viento Co. produced the monologue at The Arts Centre of Coquimbo in Chile. In 2019 The Madwoman with the mannequin comes to Melbourne for a short season at The Butterfly Club.

This text explores the existential anguish of the life of many women living in a world dominated by patriarchy society. The “madwoman”, in this conflicted and painful existential process which separates her body, her awareness and her emotions, is overwhelmed by religious dogma and a morality based on submission to the reproduction of the species, and loses her identity and her freedom, to become a woman alone among the crowd. She feels worthless, even to herself, and she is not allowed to have relationships with men on a level of equality and social equity.

The dates for this show are:
25 July, 7:00 pm
26 July, 5:30 pm
27 July, 7:00 pm