The Letter String Quartet announce new single 'Days of Thought' and debut album All The Stories out Friday 20 March

Published by: This Much Talent | 3-Feb-2020
Melbourne multi-instrumentalists The Letter String Quartet are thrilled to finally reveal their long-awaited debut album All The Stories, and drop a new track Days Of Thought'. Featuring previous singles All The Stories' and Momento Mori', the LP showcases the quartet's intricate beauty, diverse creativity, and pure, seasoned musicianship. New single Days Of Thought', out Friday 31 January, takes the outfit's renowned contemporary-meets-classical feel and weaves hypnotic repetition and dark, brooding undertones together in a melancholic yet soothing refrain of great beauty.
All The Stories is a moving song cycle composed by TLSQ's Biddy Connor with lyrics by Melbourne based award-winning poet, lyricist, and librettist Maria Zajkowski. The ensemble's debut recordings will be released on Friday 20 March. Created as a homage to the historic Abbotsford Convent site in Melbourne, the seven tracks were each written from a different perspective of its inhabitants and visitors. A melodic ebb and flow that navigates both storytelling and memory preservation, All The Stories serves as a microcosm of the convent itself; an aggregate of disparate experiences and intimate moments shared in nature, community, companionship or solitude.

Made up of Steph O'Hara, Lizzy Welsh, Biddy Connor and Zoë Barry, TLSQ are a prolific live force who are quickly conquering the trifecta of Melbourne's music, theatre and live art worlds. Bringing renewed life to classical chamber music, the band have leant their skills to collaborations with a vast spread of local and international musicians, artists, poets and composers. Now finally, after years of contributing to the work of others', the quartet can revel in the immense pride of their first recorded material together, with the exquisite All The Stories.

Album Launch and Upcoming Shows to be announced soon!

Days Of Thought' single out now! All The Stories album out Friday 20 March.

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