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Published by: Fernanda Rezende dos Santos / Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Puc-Rio) | 30-Oct-2016
Casa Daros opens its doors to the work of ten Colombian professionals/
Address: Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil
Date: 6/26/2013
In the neighborhood of Botafogo, a 19th century neoclassical mansion houses the newly-reopened Casa Daros Museum. The 12,000 square meters of the institution is part of the Latin America Daros Collection (based in Zurich, Switzerland) which includes the works of 117 Latin American artists. The current collection is a mix of around 1,200 works of paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations.

Casa Daros' first big exposition, "Cantos Cuentos Colombianos", brings with it the prevailing theme of Colombia. This major exhibition, open to the public until September 8th, gathers the works of ten Colombian artists selected by the German curator Hans-Michael Herzog. One of the artists highlighted is Maria Fernanda Cardoso, based in Australia. The artist explores the universe of dead animals through provocative sculptures. Moths, caterpillars, fleas and frogs are just some of the animals featured in her work.

In connection with the exposition, Casa Daros also launched the second edition of the program "Meridianos," which aimed to generate open discussions between the artists and the public. Running the show was Maria Fernanda; she revealed the processes of dissection that is carried out on dead animals. She also commented on the projects of "Circo de Pulgas Cardoso" and "Museu de Órgãos Copulatórios":

"”Something struck me with each Colombian piece, but there is a space of communication between people and the using of natural materials, and that's what really interested me. That's how I started to become interested in fish scales in the Amazon. After, when I moved to the United States, my interest in animals started increasing. "” She commented.

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