The Isthmus - Cameron Robbins + Jon Tarry

Published by: Heathcote Cultural Precinct | 24-Jun-2018
'The Isthmus' responds to conditions of site. Cameron Robbins and Jon Tarry collaborate using site, sounds and sensing the surrounds. With the scent of Ocean merging with dynamic natural light, shifting by day as the celestial sky by night assures the vastness of time passing. The light and air influence state of mind, health and wellbeing. @heathcoteculturalprecint
Venue: Heathcote Cultural Precinct
Address: 58 Duncraig Rd, Applecross
Date: 16th June - 22 July 2018
Time: Tues-Fri 10am-3pm, Sat/Sun 12-4pm
Ticket: Free entry
Call: 9364 5666
The peninsula limestone site of Heathcote plays a part of the deep ecology of the Swan River. The project will integrate a test site', sensing and recording the approach to the elemental drift. Wind powered drawing devices, solar inscribers, sonic sensors will fuse in a multidisciplinary exhibition by artists Cameron Robbins and Jon Tarry.

The Isthmus' is a part of the EarthCone' project, which has taken the artists to diverse locations, from the Teufelsberg listening stations in Berlin to the dormant volcano Mt Noorat in Victoria. Heathcote will build on and reference aspects of these projects.

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