The Irresistable

Published by: Geelong Arts Centre | 16-Oct-2019
It's dark down there"¦ An intoxicating and mysterious play about memory, desire and depravity in the spirit of Twin Peaks and Stranger Things. Perth's most exciting performance makers Side Pony Productions and The Last Great Hunt have come together for the first time to create a deeply unsettling theatre experience, to satisfy for those 'between season' cravings. Nominated for best play in the 2018 Helpmann Awards, The Irresistible will play 7 November to 9 November at Geelong Arts Centre, following sold out seasons at Dark Mofo and the Sydney Opera House.
Deep in the gloom a phone rings. She takes the call. The voice on the line slips beneath her skin and curls its fingers around her stomach, threatening to drag her beneath the surface, below knowledge, down where desire and depravity lie. Bridget is haunted by the memory her sister April has long chosen to forget.

The mysterious and unexplained permeates every moment of their lives. You can't see it, you can't touch it, you can barely feel it. You can't hold on tight enough, as its darkness encircles you, then retreats back into the fog. 2018 Helpmann Award Nominee for Best Play, The Irresistible is intoxicatingly creepy, reminiscent of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. This bold and original new work is the exceptional first collaboration between Side Pony Productions (The Confidence Man, The Pride) and The Last Great Hunt (Falling through Clouds, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer).

Warnings: Smoke effects, strobe lighting, sexual and adult themes, strong language and references to suicide.

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