The future of Mount Magnet through young artists eyes!

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 11-Sep-2023
Students created a future vision of their community inspired by the Creative Challenge 2022 theme of ‘wonder’ in a one-week residency.
The future of Mount Magnet through young artists eyes!
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During Term 3 of 2022 AWESOME Artists Paul Grabovac and Alicia Osyka were excited to attend Mount Magnet District High School on Badimaya Country to explore mural mapping, stencils and drawings through a one-week Creative Challenge residency. This residency was proudly supported by Healthway and the Go for 2 & 5 message.

Participants encapsulated the 2022 theme of ‘wonder’ about their town, community and its future. This expanded into the students wondering about their individual futures and explored storying-telling of what the future could be.

Inspired by their community’s future they worked with mural mapping of the town using various drawing techniques. To discover their own stories, they created characters of themselves with clay models and stencils and attached some to the mural township. This process allowed them to work with various themes, modalities and textures to enhance their artistic growth and visualise their community’s future potential.

The final reveal of the mural map was with the young artists at a school assembly, attended by all school students and teachers. They were able to present and explain their concept, led by artists Paul and Alicia. The teachers, principal and local shire CEO showed overwhelming support for their finished project and requested to have it exhibited in the shire offices!

I feel proud of the pictures of our futures selves and dreams and I discovered about (my classmates) who or what they want to be when they grow up – Bianca

It really made me happy hiding the fruit – hiding fruit and vegetables in her artwork -Hannah

I learned that anything is possible - Lashawna

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