The Fondation Martell reopens soon with exhibitions « Places to Be », « Beauty » by Sagmeister & Walsh

Published by: L'art en plus | 2-Apr-2021
The Fondation d'entreprise Martell in Cognac, France will most probably reopen on May 15th with two exhibitions on show : « Places to be », a collective exhibition of 14 international artists and designers which first opened in 2020, and « Beauty », by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, an exhibition shown in France for the first time.
Venue: Fondation d'Entreprise Martell,
Address: 16 Avenue Paul Firino Martell, Cognac, France
« Places to be » brought together 14 international designers, such as Wendy Andreu, Clément Brazille and Porky Herfer, around a common project: jointly reconstituting a unique living space, made up of 11 rooms each conceived by a designer. Unknown to each other until the first day of assembling their work in their circular metal tank, these creatives developed their individual aesthetic universe without knowing anything about the neighboring spaces. From furniture to objects, each of them imagined a functional, unprecedented living space, a « place to be », which visitors would then be able to use. The exhibition thus aims to reposition design as a quotidian functional environment rather than as a group of museum-worthy works.

« Beauty », by Sagmeister & Walsh, both acclaimed designers, is a multimedia, highly sensory plea for us to reconsider why beauty matters. This fascinating exhibition encourages visitors to see, smell and feel through examples ranging from product design, to city planning, architecture, and graphic design. Supported by findings from the field of psychological aesthetics and its impact on our behavior and feelings, Sagmeister & Walsh offer evidence that beautifully designed works stimulate human perception and are hence more effective. The « Beauty » show puts at the heart of the place and in the hearts of the public the desire to find again beauty in our lives, individually and collectively. It is part of the Martell Corporate Foundation's cycle of interactive exhibitions, which since 2016 offers its visitors immersive experiences inclusive of various fields of contemporary art.

The Fondation d'entreprise Martell, a multidisciplinary cultural foundation in Cognac, is dedicated to contemporary creation and savoir-faire. It is a place for creation, experimentation and exhibition. A veritable professional instrument for artists and artisans of all disciplines”savoir faire, design, architecture, art, olfaction, digital projects, dance, literature, music”the Foundation accompanies them in the production of artistic and cultural projects across four formats: exhibitions, commissions, residencies and events, open to the general public.

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