The Flying Xamels: 4+4=4 at Melbourne Fringe

Diana Wolfe | 19-Sep-2016
Surreal aerial poetry. Simplicity of the rope medium merges with visual art, aerial dance and acrobatics to create an alluring, cinematic atmosphere. A quirky aerial performance. An abstract reflection on the duality of existing between the performers' daily 'real' worlds and their common escape, the vertical rope. Presented by The Flying Xamels collective of home-grown talent with international diversity. #melbfringe
Venue: Emerald City at the Meat Market
Address: 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051
Date: Opening night: Tuesday 20 September 2016
Time: 9:45pm
Ticket: $28 / $23
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The Flying Xamels

The Flying Xamels

A quirky aerial performance with a poetic edge in a Surrealist environment

Playing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival at Emerald City (The Gingerbread House, Meat Market), from 20 September

The Flying Xamels exist in the real world and they exist in the vertical world. Where do they fit? Who are these elusive beasts in their subverted vertical environment? "¨ They are: Michael Alesich, Jessie Carson, Michael Chia, Helene Embling, Xavier Sisquella, Markary Szewczenko, Tran Tu. From China, Vietnam, Spain, Denmark, France, Russia, Australia, the Xamel's cultural background stretches beyond boundaries. Their professional lives are just as eclectic.

Their show explores each performer's perception of the duality between their daily 'real' worlds and their common escape, the vertical rope. Beyond the aerial medium, this dynamic draws on a partnership with visual and parkour artists. The Flying Xamels come together to celebrate diversity and to challenge labels and societal pressure for individuals to fit into 'pre-determined categories'.

Effortless', 'Creative', 'fascinating imagery', 'intriguing', were comments attracted by the Flying Xamels recent presentation of 4 + 4 = 4 [Gasworks Arts Park Circus Showdown].

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