The Dearly Departed

Published by: Rachel Edward | 29-Oct-2018
A tale of love, death and formaldehyde in an all-original comedy-musical. A series of bodies are found with tanbark in their shoes. A hungry journalist is after his big break. Could the key be the local funeral parlour? #thedearlydeparted #comedy #musical #originalmusic #funerals
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Pl, Melbourne
Date: Monday 26th November to Saturday 1st December
Time: 8.30pm
Ticket: $27-$34
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 03 9663 8107
Meet The Dearly Departed, three undertakers digging their way to the top in a new musical that will leave you, dare we say it, dying with laughter. Filled with original music, (imagine, if you will, the musical love child of Jemaine Clements and Tim Minchin), delve into the banana-cactus-scented, slightly skewed business of funerals.

After a rapid rise to the top, the Dearly Departed Funeral Parlour has been nominated for the prestigious Corpse Award, one of the most highly regarded awards in the funeral industry. Meanwhile, the police are on the hunt for the Tanbark Killer, a journalist is asking all the wrong (or right, depending on your perspective) questions and is that a flicker of love sparking or did someone forget to turn off the cremation oven?

Created and performed by Rachel Edward, (fresh from Rawcus' award winning Song for a Weary Throat), Myf Powell (Tobin Brothers Hugely Popular Art for the Heart Exhibition) and Geoffrey Thorsen (Plants the Musical). With Green Room Award winners Emily Barrie on Design and Bronwyn Pringle on Lighting Design.

The Dearly Departed is for those who have loved, those who have lost and those who remember the feeling of tanbark in their shoes.

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