The Dark Horse Experiment celebrates the beginning of 2018 with Lights, an exhibition by emerging artist Chloe Vallance that gently explores the fluid interface of everyday interactions and ephemeral moments.

Published by: The Dark Horse Experiment Gallery | 25-Jan-2018
Opening on Friday 2 February at 6pm, Lights, an exciting new exhibition by emerging artist Chloe Vallance, Visitors are welcomed into the Dark Horse Experiment gallery and encouraged to flow through the space as they contemplate the subtle moments of everyday life captured in this unique series of delicate paintings and drawings.
Venue: The Dark Horse Experiment Gallery
Address: Level 1 20- 24 Wharf St Harbour Town, Docklands, Victoria, 3008
Date: 2 - 24 February
Time: (03) 9328 5556
Call: 9328 5556
Working with colour pencils, ink, gouache, watercolour and acrylic paint, Vallance's artwork draws people together flowing and growing, within themselves and within the community.

All works are intentionally on plywood and play an integral role in the artists practice.

"Plywood is far more than just a surface it holds as much importance in my work as paint, colour pencil and the people I draw." states Vallance. "I fell in love with the warm dream like space implied by the plywood grain, seeing it as a spacious ground for my subjects to wander within wonder. The beauty and challenge is seeing how things relate and then finding a way for each element to work with, rather than against, each other.'

The Dark Horse Experiment aims to push the boundaries of contemporary art, and create a space and market for contemporary artists. From sell out shows to cutting edge exhibitions, performances and installation, the Dark Horse is always searching for artists who think outside the white cube.

Lights opens 6pm Friday February and is on display at the Dark Horse Experiment until 24 February 2018.

For all enquiries please contact Cait Holden at or 0452612150 GALLERY HOURS:

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