The Commonwealth of Kekistan

Published by: Locomotion | 2-Nov-2019
Welcome to the Commonwealth of Kekistan, a nation founded on Right-Wing principals; full of Red Pill science and philosophy, a Fair Go (TM) for everyone, and of course, dank memes. Don't forget your passport.
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
Date: Feb 17 - Feb 22
Time: 8:30PM
Ticket: 25$-35$
Buy / Ticket:
Hide your kids, hide your wife, the incels are coming. Can we stop them? Is there any point even trying?

Let the Prime Minister of Kekistan take you on a journey"”the journey of Adam (No, not that one). After being brother-zoned by a close friend, Adam descends into the fiery depths of Inceldom with the guidance of a veteran Incel, and under the watchful eye of the elusive KEK. Along the way, we meet the ghoulish underbelly of the toxic Man-O-Sphere. Adam's world continues along without him but eventually his former girlfriend and her new beau get swept into the maelstrom; which is made messier thanks to Angie and Christine, two die-hard feminists. And seemingly in the eye of the hurricane; there's Adam's increasingly worried mother, who just keeps on making delicious hot Milo.

So many people, so many perspectives, going around and around in circles, they all lead to one thing"”someone must die.

Incel is a fairly new term in the modern media landscape, with most mention of the term relegated to social media. They're men with a radical idea: women (femoids) are subhuman and exist for the sexual fulfilment of men. If you thought we were in 2019, so did we. This isn't fiction, real people believe this, and they're ready to take action.

The Commonwealth of Kekistan pulls apart our political binary and looks for what we might have in common with those on the other side. It begs the question: how do we care for our enemies and are they really our enemies at all?

Maybe the motto of Kekistan says it best: Divided we stand, united we fall."¨

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