The child of a fragmented mind? A heart wrenching book.

Published by: Lola G | 2-May-2016
Chile born Australian writer has launched her new book "Kaleidoscope: My life's multiple reflections", a heart moving fictional story of a woman who lives with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder based on the Del Sol's personal experience co-exisiting with these disorders. #PTSD #DID #Writer #Book #Chile #Australia #Author
Marcela Del Sol is an Australian writer, philanthropist and social activist. She moved to Australia from her home country, Chile, as a young adult, and, a few years ago, began to share her physical existence with multiple alters of her character, following a serious car accident.

Marcela co-exists with PTSD & DID, the result of trauma.

As the incapacitating symptoms of her disorder started to appear in Marcela's daily life, she not only learned how to adapt to living as multiple alters in the same body, but also found the courage to thrive under challenging circumstances. In Kaleidoscope: My life's multiple reflections, Marcela shares her own personal coping mechanisms and strategies through the voice of her fictional character, Lucia.

Marcela's new book "Kaleidoscope: My life's multiple reflections" is available globally here:

A significant percentage of the sales go directly to fund Marcela's social work projects.

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