The Changing Views of Western Australia's Landscapes

Published by: Isobel Goodwin-Moore / Macquarie University / Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing | 16-Aug-2019
Western Australian artist Robert Ewing records the way the world changes around him through his expressive art practice. #541ArtSpaceSydney #RobertEwing @IsobelGM1
Venue: 541 Art Space
Address: 541 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia
Date: Oct-04
Call: 61416599947
Memories and the imagined are often two very different parts of our mind- and when put together with form and light, as well as a unique and distinctive style of art, they start to challenge our conventional perceptions of the physical environment that surrounds us.

Robert Ewing is a Western Australian based artist whose work explores the bushland and farming areas of Pinjarra and the Darling Range of Western Australia. These unique areas of Western Australia are brought to life in a different and highly creative way through Ewing's art-making process and the composition of the landscapes which combine his personal iconography and the natural environment into one cohesive image.

Each of his pieces picture highly stylised, expressive lines interplay with unusual colour choices not often seen in landscape artistry, and create a sense of a familiar, yet alien landscape which Ewing depicts. Playing with traditional ideas of form and using his unique artistic style to create these artworks allow him to explore deeper ideas of fragmentation and a disruption to established norms that lay within our minds.

"The underlying narratives of my work interrelate, a bit like a basket weave. Resulting in a vessel, an item of substance"¦ yet containing nothing, it is free to have any manner of associations attached to it."

Ewing's use of different media such as coloured pencil, acrylic and watercolour paint on cotton paper keeps in line with this adventurous composition of nature he chooses to portray. His experimentation with conventional landscape colours of brown and yellow contrasted with bright red, blue and purple hues engender his visions of creating a contemporary and reimagined view on common garden scenes. He showcases the change of landscapes and natural surroundings over time and how nuances of both the usual and the unknown culminate to create new pieces in our minds.

"Change is a constant, it is a universal truth, no amount of fundamentalist dogma can dispute this unwavering truth. As one day is different from the next and Spring changes into summer, so it is with my work."

His practice involves creating constructed landscapes with a vision of how we interact and restore our relationship with our environment. Ewing demonstrates the uncertainty and unexpectedness of our memory and imagination in a seemingly tranquil and recognisable place through these unlike anything seen before yet familiarised settings.

"That's nothing unusual, quite normal. With change comes a sense of the unknown, life is like that, these are the threads that are woven through my work."

Ewing's work will be exhibiting at Sydney's 541 Art Space on the 4th of October this year. The exhibition will include some of Ewing's most recent work, such as Discordant Landscape and They Took All They Could Take, which will take you on a journey from the traditional to reinvented ideas and imaginings all in one place.

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